Location Portraits – Krysta Lynn

This was our first location portraits shoot with local model Krysta Lynn. Krysta is a beautiful, friendly and outgoing model with a will to succeed. She has Playboy aspirations and we believe she will realize all of […]

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Photography – Casual / Swimwear Portraits

Swimwear and casual photography make up the largest chunk of my portfolio. Chelsey and I have been Facebook friends for some time and have discussed shooting here and there but It wasn’t until this last week that […]

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Portraits – Nelly – Point Pelee Marsh Boardwalk

Portraits – Nelly Shabo on the Boardwalk A few days ago, we met Nelly Shabo to shoot portraits on location at one of my favorite locations, Point Pelee National Park. While my main goal was to shoot bikini […]

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Swimwear – Teaser – Nelly Shabo

I am planning to shoot a lot of swimwear in the remainder of July and into August 2016. This week, Sharon and I met up with Nelly (previously featured in our Penthouse Shoot) to capture some […]

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‘Nature Girl’ – Leah Taillefer – B&W Natural Light Portrait

For the late night crowd, a special post. A natural light black and white portrait of the lovely Miss Leah ‘Naturegirl’ Taillefer, on location in Lasalle, Ontario. Captured with Canon 5D Mark II and Canon EF 70-200mm […]

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Leah – The Chair

Location Portraits with Leah Leah and I got together after tossing around the idea of shooting some location portraits in a field with a red chair. It just so happens that I have a running series featuring […]

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Portrait of the Day – Katie – Tall Grass

A portrait of Katie Lalonde in the tall grass. I had a lot of fun working with Katie on location! So here’s another one from her recent natural light shoot. This one in the tall grass at the […]

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Portrait of the Day – Katie – High ISO

A high ISO frame from my recent shoot with too pretty for words model Katie Lalonde. I usually use anywhere from 3 to 5 studio lights for much of my work.  However, this summer I am absolutely loving […]

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Portrait of the Day – Katie

Today’s Portrait of the Day: I worked with a new model today, a pretty, young lady named Katie Lalonde at a local park.  Thought this would be a good teaser while I work on the rest […]

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Environmental Portraits – Leah and Krysta

These environmental portraits are fast becoming my most favorite portraits to shoot.  Add a beautiful face, a pretty figure and a bit of fill light combined with fast glass and we have a winner! The accompanying […]

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