Boudoir Photography – Jo-Ann

Boudoir Photography is a genre of photography that I have studied and practiced for many years, inspired by the works of Allen, Beaton, Meisel and many, many others who came before.  It fills me with pleasure when I can present to women beautiful and desirable images that illustrate their softer/sensual side..

Jo-Ann is a friend, a beautiful woman, wife and mother and she also has a career. She contacted me about a photo session and wanted to spend a couple of hours being pampered in front of the camera, in a boudoir photography session as a mini vacation from mom and career duties. We have a new double bed in the studio, so what a perfect opportunity to further my boudoir brand!

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below and recommend every woman who wants to feel sexy and give a gift to yourself or your partner or other special someone to book an Akey Photography Boudoir photo session!

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