Boudoir – Cataleya in Calvin Klein

Boudoir with Cataleya at Akey Photography Studio!

Since I first met Cataleya, I have loved shooting with this girl. Leah always comes prepared to shoot with makeup and hair ready to roll! She is an inspiration and as a photographer, that is golden. Perhaps it is because Cataleya herself is interested in the photographic arts and is good with her camera and lighting. She understands that a good image takes time and effort.

I love sharing what I have learned, so I always try to pass on something about modeling and/or photography whether it be to my model, assistant or whoever else is assisting on the shoot who is within earshot.  It could be posing assistance or something about photography or lighting.

For one of the planned elements of this boudoir shoot, Cataleya asked beforehand about gels and if I had ever used them, as she was experimenting with gels herself and wanted to see another photographic artist’s take on gel usage. I have a set of gels and I have used them a number of times in the past; my favorite up to this point being a previous studio shoot where I used red and blue gels only (our lovely friend and model Jojo aka Jo-Ann Carrington-Yoell). So I decided to use my gels during this shoot and see what we could create that Leah would be proud of and would hopefully inspire other photographers to use gels in as many ways as possible. 

We worked through a number of captures with the gels and then finished off with a separate set using only white light from Alien Bees and the 22″ beauty dish with Cataleya in Calvin Klein underwear on a painted white wall in my studio. The Calvin Klein underwear shots are my favorite. The lighting is so wonderfully soft, it adds to the quality of desire I wanted to invoke with these boudoir images .. almost an ethereal look, created in studio using artificial light.

All in all a great shoot! It was hard to choose the subset I’ve chosen for you to view. Here are my favorites, which could easily be twice as large but I don’t want this post to take forever to load. 😉

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