Outdoor Boudoir – Krysta

Outdoor boudoir on location in summer of 2016. Windsor’s own Playboy Plus model and Naked News personality Krysta Lynn, Ray Akey of Ray Akey Photography and Windsor hair artist Wissam Kayal collaborated on an outdoor boudoir photography session conducated at Ojibway Park and Nature Preserve and the Ojibway Prairie. 

For this session, there were no flashes or reflectors used. This session was captured with Canon 5D Mark II and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens using only sunlight. 

Below is a selection of favorites from the shoot.

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Model Portfolio – Kiswana Parris

Model Portfolio – Kiswana Parris

Meet Kiswana, an aspiring model and actress from Windsor, Ontario! Previously, we photographed images for the model portfolio of her mother and sister, Carol and Maia Parris. As with mom and sis, Kiswana contacted me to produce her first model portfolio. We arranged to meet at my studio to produce a starter portfolio.

Kiswana came with her stylists (mom Carol Parris and sister Maia Parris). We captured a selection of images in various outfits and options for Kiswana to choose from.

As I have said in previous posts, when it comes to modeling portfolios for indiustry, I retouch judiciously for a natural result. Below is a selection of images from Kiswana’s session.

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Location Portraits – Playboy model Krysta Lynn

This was our first location portraits shoot with Playboy model Krysta Lynn. Krysta is a beautiful, friendly and outgoing model with a will to succeed. She has realized some of her Playboy aspirations and we believe she will succeed in all of her endeavors!

I left the choice up to Krysta for shoot #1 to decide where to shoot. Krysta’s choice was a location shoot, a green park if possible. I frequently use this park in Lasalle, ON so Krysta and I met there.

As I mentioned previously, location portraits with natural light is one of my favorite ways to photograph people.  Nothing is more fun than a day with a beautiful subject and not having to worry too much about balancing a bunch of lights.

A meeting on location with the goal of making some beautiful images was the goal this day! My model was Canadian beauty Krysta Lynn. The plan was to do some natural light portraits on location using the features of the park and our lush, green Carolinian forest parkland on location in Lasalle, ON.

We began at 6pm, spent a couple of hours together and used various features of the park for interest and variety.

Below is a selection of favorites from our time together with Krysta.  If you are looking for something similar or know of a friend or family that would like natural light location portraiture, feel free to contact us to set up your photo shoot!

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Portraits – Nelly – Point Pelee Marsh Boardwalk

Portraits – Nelly Shabo on the Boardwalk

A few days ago, we met Nelly Shabo to shoot portraits on location at one of my favorite locations, Point Pelee National Park. While my main goal was to shoot bikini images for submission to swimwear magazines, I wanted to also shoot a set on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk is rich in wood and natural background textures so the images always come out stunning. A little bit of Photoshop magic to polish off the set is all that is required for my natural light style.

Below are a few images from the boardwalk set.  If you like this set, send me a message or comment on and/or share images you like (please credit me when sharing) and I may be convinced to post another set from the boardwalk session.


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Swimwear – Teaser – Nelly Shabo

I am planning to shoot a lot of swimwear in the remainder of July and into August 2016. This week, Sharon and I met up with Nelly (previously featured in our Penthouse Shoot) to capture some editorial casual and swimwear photos. Below is an early teaser of a larger set that we will be sending off for publication.


model: Nelly, photographer: Ray Akey

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