Location Portraits – Leah Taillefer

Location portraits are a great way to challenge our problem solving abilities as photographers. Due to the ever changing light that mother nature supplies, we have to either modify or augment available light to get the exposure we choose.

On an overcast cloudy day, I rarely use additional lighting. The modern digital SLR has amazing high ISO performance so, rather than add light, I will bump up the ISO to a reasonable level and live with a little bit of grain/noise if necessary. While I wouldn’t do this for stock imagery where grain and noise must be removed or avoided, it is perfectly acceptable to have some grain in portraits for families, models, portrait clients, etc. I find that grain sometimes enhances the mood of the image.

Today’s photo set is from a collaboration with a beautiful blonde budding model and photographer named Leah Taillefer! This session was the first time Leah and I met face-to-face. We met on Facebook and after being recommended by Joe, a fellow photographer who follows and compliments my work often, Leah expressed interest in working with us as she loved our work.

We met at my studio and decided to go and shoot on location around the studio exterior and riverfront. I mostly captured images of Leah using available light and, for a few shots here and there I used my beauty dish mounted on an Alien Bees B800 as key to pop a bit more light onto Leah’s face to compliment the lovely makeup work done by Windsor makeup artist Monika Milkis Mishnaevski of MM Beauty Windsor.

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Model: Leah Taillefer
Makeup Artistry: Monika Milkis Mishnaevski
Photography/retouch: Ray Akey (Facebook)

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