Model Portfolio – Ashley

Model Portfolio – Ashley

I have been mentoring new and aspiring models for quite some time, building their model portfolio, creating solid, usable and images worthy of publishing. Sometimes I work under the auspices of TF which gives me the chance to practice new photography, lighting and posing techniques or to affirm my grasp of techniques used previously.

Ashley and I have been shooting TF and she is rapidly becoming somewhat of a muse.  We are still fairly new to working with each other but when I find a model who has ideas of her own to compliment mine and is appreciative of the model/photographer dynamic and the number of hours that go into quality image capture/creation, I end up working with that model quite a bit; sometimes over a span of years.  People who want to excel at being a model and are willing to take the time to share our collaborative work.. that’s who I love working with. No drama, just a good time creating photographic images and art.

Ashley and I got together to shoot on February 9, 2016 to update her model portfolio. As I do with everyone, I suggested something that I would like in my portfolio and I also encouraged her to bring something that she would love to be photographed in.

This time, my inspiration was “anything fishnet.” Ashley arrived to the shoot with a good selection of clothing options that pretty much nailed exactly what I had in mind. We began with a fishnet bodysuit and shot a bunch of options with and without her Leftover Crack jacket, tartan vest, jeans and little black skirt that she brought to the shoot. We had a lot of fun and got a pretty solid set of images.

Below is a small set of my favorites from the shoot. Feel free to share anything you like using the share buttons below. If you have comments or questions, feel free to make them below in the comments box.

Gallery Instructions

If you are looking to create or augment your model portfolio, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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