Natural Light Portrait – Krysta Lynn in Guess

A fresh natural light portrait of Krysta Lynn in a beautiful dress by Guess, captured in my new studio in Downtown Windsor, Ontario. Also new is a lens added to my collection; the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG from the Sigma ART line of lenses. This lens is as heavy as everyone said but it feels great in my hands. The focus ring is large enough for a monkey to maneuver so no problems there. The depth of field is wickedly shallow and the bokeh is absolutely beautiful, melting away even the ugliest background. I am nothing short of loving this lens!

Here is a sensual portrait of the beautiful Krysta Lynn. More to come soon!

Natural Light Portrait - Krysta Lynn

A natural light portrait of Krysta Lynn in our new studio in downtown Windsor, Ontario

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