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Leah - Point Pelee - Swimwear - TitleSwimwear with Cataleya

A swimwear shoot is almost a requirement for anyone serious about modeling. It is the perfect way to show off your figure without being too racy.

Cataleya and I have collaborated more than a few times. This time, we decided to do a swimwear shoot at Point Pelee. I do as many swimwear shoots as availability and time permits during the warm months.

Finding a Spot

We arrived at the beach we intended to shoot at and were immediately shooed away by a family who reserved the beach for the day. We visited two of the other West beaches to see if we could shoot without being disturbed. There were too many people so we decided to hit one of the East side beaches, which was quite a walk and passes through the natural forest area, laden with mosquitoes and biting flies.

The Shoot

Once we found a useable beach, I plopped down the backup strobe I brought. Cataleya went to find a spot to change and we began to shoot immediately. We used about a 100 foot stretch of the beach, talking, laughing and shooting for a little over 2 hours. 

The Results

Below is a set of images from the shoot.  Thanks to Cataleya for being so fun and easy to work with! xo

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