The Fringe

Welcome to The Fringe, the creative photography and fine art digital imagery side of Ray Akey Photography! What you will find here is a departure from my usual portrait, fashion, glamour/boudoir, commercial and stock work. Anything that could be described as “Creative Photography” from cool composites to fine art portraits and fine art nudes. Basically, anything that I create that doesn’t fit into any of the other portfolio categories.

Some of these images are 100% Photoshop creations and others have had little or no image manipulation and are presented here because of the lighting or mood that is conveyed.  You may find sexy, cool stuff, alternative models and you may also find the altogether ooky and spooky! That’s the point, to mix it all together and shake things up!

I hope you find something that speaks to you! If you see something you like, feel free to comment on it and if would like a copy, please ask and I will provide you with something of quality for a small charge, whether it be a print, a poster or a high quality canvas. Thank you for appreciating and supporting photographic and digital art!

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