Boudoir Photography with Nelly

Windsor Boudoir Photographer: The Glamour/Boudoir Hybrid

Windsor boudoir photographer Ray Akey Photography believes that boudoir photography should be alluring, elegant, enticing and full of desire. Typically it is a woman, couple or handsome gentleman in a bed, in various poses and states of undress. Add an elegant boudoir setting, usually a bedroom (where else would you find a bed right?) and you’ve got boudoir imagery.

In contrast, Women in lingerie in locations other than a bed/boudoir/bedroom are typically labelled “glamour.”

I’ll let you be your own judge as to what category you want to place it in. For my part all I ask is if you like the content, please share this post. 🙂

Here is a small slideshow of Nelly in some sexy lingerie in the studio, so as to provide potential clients and models another perspective on what we can do at Windsor Photographer Ray Akey Photography.

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