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Branding Photography - Tim Campbell

Branding Photography takes great effort to be successful. On the business side of things, there are meeting for introductions, creative meetings around the boardroom table, meetings with human resources personnel for bookings and the director / owner’s office for the big picture. All of these came together for this concept.

I met with Tim the owner and an associate who were resolute in what they wanted. I was happily informed that after viewing the work of 12 other local commercial photographers that I was chosen because of my eclectic portfolio of images right here on, which spans multiple photography disciplines including some of my previous concept work.  We discussed the company’s vision and agreed on a look, booked the date for my first visit to the Century 21 offices and parted ways.

A couple of weeks later, we began a series of photography sessions in 3 different locations based on our prior discussions. We captured images at the Century 21 office, in a residential parking garage and in a public park.

After the photography sessions, I went back to the studio, imported the images and began the process of proofing, culling/selecting and re-proofing to narrow a larger set of images down to 1 image for each of the core team of realtors. I then used my favorite tools, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to retouch, composite layout and finalize a set of images that Tim and company will use in branding and promotional materials.

All in all, the job was a huge success and I couldn’t be happier with the final result! Below are a few samples for your viewing pleasure.


If you are in the market for updated business, branding or profile portraits and/or headshots, contact me for rates and availability.

All elements copyright Ray Akey / Ray Akey Photography except for the Century 21 Logo which is owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC.
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