Creative Halloween Photoshoot – Dee Style

creative halloween photoshoot - dee

A Creative Halloween Photoshoot with Dee

I recently worked on a creative halloween photoshoot in my photography studio with Dee Style. Dee was one of the models featured in a previous collaboration titled “Calaveras.” Dee is an amazing makeup artist who loves to do costume makeup for conceptual imagery.

This time, Dee wanted to do evil clown makeup, so we set a date and agreed to meet at my studio. The plan was to shoot on a grey seamless backdrop and then use Photoshop compositing techniques to create a series of digital art portraits.

The day came and I met Dee at my studio.  We shot for a little over an hour and a half, in a variety of expressions and poses. Poses and expressions that would lend well to the final images I envisioned.

After the shoot was imported into Lightroom, I culled the batch and edited down to a final set of images. After one more pass to do any initial exposure adjustments in Lightroom, I brought each image into Photoshop and used a number of techniques from dodging and burning to a bit of frequency separation and, finally, color grading using a few of my favorite Photoshop image toning techniques.

Below are a few final selections.  Dee did a wonderful job with the makeup and is a great model! We hope you enjoy the set.

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