Fashion Shoot – Ornella

Fashion Shoot - Ornella Amora

Fashion Shoot on Location

For this fashion shoot, I collaborated with lovely model Ornella Amora and hair artist Wissam Kayal on some fashion imagery for our respective portfolios. 

Ornella and I discussed a fashion shoot and decided to shoot at Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario. We met at the park, shot at various locations in the park; the boardwalk and one of Point Pelee’s many beaches.

Hair and Makeup

Ornella applied her own makeup for the shoot and her hair was handled by by Wissam, one of Windsor’s premiere creative hair artists.

The Fashions

Fashions for this shoot included dresses by Paul Marciano’s Guess and swimwear by OMG Miami Swimwear, all chosen by Ornella as her style is impeccable.

Equipment Used

For this shoot, I used my trusty Canon 5D Mark II and switched between my Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART lens and my workhorse Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS. These are my favorite lenses for fashion and beauty photography and they allow me to capture stunning imagery.

I augmented the existing daylight with a newer strobe/flash unit, the Godox AD200. I mounterd the AD200 on a stand using an S-type bracket. This enabled me to use large light modifiers on the AD200 to provide softer, even light on Ornella. I had planned to use my Strobepro x600ii (Godox AD600 rebranded for Canadian market) but I forgot to charge the battery unit. All worked out well, as the AD200 is quite a powerful little light with swappable speedlight and strobe heads.

The Results

We shot until well after darkness fell. We were all pretty much eaten alive by mosquitos. However, the shoot was a huge success. Below is a gallery of images for your viewing pleasure.


Dresses – Guess
Swimwear – OMG Miami Swimwear


Ray Akey – Photography / Image Retouching
instagram: Ray Akey
Facebook: Akey Photography

Ornella Amora – Model / Makeup / Style
instagram: Ornella Amora Model
Facebook: Ornella Amora 
YouTube: Ornella Amora

Wissam Kayal – Hair Artistry / Human Light Stand
instagram: Wissam Kayal

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