Guess Fashion – Ornella

Guess Fashion - Ornella

A shoot in Guess Fashion with Ornella 

One of my most favorite ladies to shoot with, Ornella. She is pleasant, honest and a beautiful woman with entrepreneurial drive. Ornella and I got together in my former studio on Pelissier St. to shoot some fashion images. Ornella brought Guess fashion items to shoot in.  She never disappoints with her choices.

My former studio was located in the Chelsea Apartments building in downtown Windsor. It had an upright piano and two large antique windows.  I loved the richness of this environment and would love to find another studio with large windows. Nothing beats large windows for a natural light option.

We worked for about an hour and a half and captured a good selection of images in Guess fashion using the props and furniture present in my studio. Our favorite is the shot with Ornella in black pant and jaguar print top leaning on the piano.

Selected Images

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