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Headshot Photography

Everyone needs a good headshot portrait. Executive/corporate staffers, graduates entering the workplace, actors, models, individuals, and groups to performers and personalities such as musicians and comedians .. and even my photographer peers and associates.

If you are a professional, you need a suitable headshot!

The ideal headshot is one that visually tells the story of your position, profession, character, or brand at a glance.

Ideal for advertising, branding, business cards, billboards, your professional LinkedIn, and other social media profiles.

Our Headshots

I am proficient in working in any lighting scenario both on location or in my modest studio in West Windsor with background options in white, grey, black (and other hues, using coloured light). If you would prefer to be photographed in your workplace, home, or other location, bring this to our attention during our booking discussions.

The Goal

My goal is to provide you with the best headshot or set of headshots that we can produce. Our ideal headshot is a clean, well-lit portrait that shows confidence and approachable expression. Whether 15 minutes or 1/2 hour, we don’t stop until we get the shot(s) you need!


Headshot photography sessions are $250* per individual for 2 high-quality clean headshot portrait photographs 


You don’t leave our studio until you are pleased with the results.

Your photos will be delivered color/exposure correct with (optional) standard retouching applied.


Proofs and final images will be delivered via Dropbox (optional USB thumb drive – add $25).

You may order additional photos from your session at $10/image anytime within 30 days of your session.

We cannot guarantee availability in Dropbox after 30 days.


Please use our contact form to inquire or book a headshot portrait session or use our contact number as listed on the contact page. We look forward to working with you!

Sample Headshots

Below is a selection of headshots that we have photographed for our clients. The examples below are a good idea of the quality you will receive from your headshot session.

* Our $250 Headshots sessions cover up to a 1/2 hour session for individuals who want 2 images from their session delivered in digital format via Dropbox. Add $25 to receive your photos on a USB thumb drive.

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