Model Portfolios – Swimwear – Natalie

Model Portfolios - Natalie Laliberte - Swimwear

Model Portfolios

I sometimes work on model portfolios with both aspiring and experienced models. It gives me a great feeling to know I am in some way helping someone else achieve their dreams.

Swimwear With Natalie

Natalie expressed interest in working with me after our first shoot together at Brunet Park. As I have been looking for a model with Natalie’s features and natural beauty, she would be perfect for a beach shoot.  It just so happens that Natalie asked if we could do a beach shoot, so we set up a date and planned to meet at the Marsh Boardwalk at Point Pelee National Park.

The Photography Plan

My first shoot with Natalie went well. On that shoot, I forgot my portable power supply that is used to power my Alien Bees studio strobes. This time I brought my Alien Bees B1600 and 22″ white beauty dish. I like the face of my subject or model to be the brightest part of the image. I also wanted to reduce the apparent contrast by using the strobe as fill light during situations where my model was back or side lit.

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