Natural Beauty – Natalie Laliberte – 2017-07-016

Natural Beauty - Natalie Laliberte

Natural Beauty

I met natural beauty Natalie, a young model from Essex County, for the first time when I arrived to this photo shoot. She has this amazing hair and a girl next door, freckled face that just screams photogenic. 

Brunet park

We previously agreed that the shoot would be in the tallgrass at a local park. After some scouting, Brunet Park seemed to be the best location where the tallgrass was not mowed down by parks and recreation. The park is big and and it has enough features that we could easily shoot for an hour. The park’s features include tallgrass, a lot of open shade under the canopy of trees and a pedestrian walking bridge. We would definitely get a good solid set of images.

Natural light

I preferred natural light for this shoot because of Natalie’s natural beauty and curls. We began around 6:30pm. We walked around the park stopping wherever the light was good. I don’t stick in one place too long as I like a variety to choose from.

Selected images

Here are a selection of images from our shoot with Natalie at Brunet Park.

If you would like to hire me to do photography in this style, please contact me using my contact page.

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