Queen Of The Forest Sexy Photoshoot Forest Shoot Featuring Jessa

Sexy Forest Photoshoot featuring Queen of the Forest Jessa

We did this sexy forest photoshoot in Ojibway Park in late September 2020 while there were still colourful leaves on the trees. This was a super fun collaboration and photoshoot with Jessa. I have a passion for creative unique photoshoots. I love when models bring a concept to me to help them realize through lighting, location and mood. I love to play with mood using light and exposure.

Jessa brought a number of unique elements to this shoot. Her makeup and wardrobe choices were perfect. She also added unique accessories like the custom crown and, the blood to be used near the end of the shoot.

2020 was a year full of creative photoshoots with amazing, talented models. I hope to continue collaborating once the Windsor area is out of Grey lockdown.


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