Sandpoint Beach – Nikki Leigh – 2017-06-15

Sandpoint Beach - Nikki Leigh - 2017-06-15

Sandpoint Beach with Nikki Leigh

I prefer the views and shooting options of Point Pelee National Park. However, Sandpoint Beach is an okay local option, only 15-20 minutes from downtown Windsor. Better beaches are almost an hour out of the city. 

The Ride to Sandpoint

I picked up Nikki from her place and made our way to the beach. We arrived around 6:30pm and captured a series of shots in natural light. Some of Nikki playing in the water, some standing, sitting, crouching or laying on the sand and some partially in the water.


For this shoot, I mainly used my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens. I used no light modifiers or artificial light. I also switch back and forth from Manual exposure mode to Aperture Priority depending on the how constant the light is being (clouds vs. no clouds). My favorite is an overcast afternoon or evening.  If I am backlighting my model, which is often, I shoot in manual exposure mode to get the exposure I want.

The Images

Below are the results. Feel free to comment or share this blog post with your friends! If you would like to work with me on a set of swimwear images, use our Contact Page to inquire.

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