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Portrait Photography is something I have practiced most since beginning with digital SLR equipment and the lifelong journey of learning photography, lighting and making people look their best. Most people I know laugh when I tell them that I am, by nature, a shy semi-introverted person. However, when collaborating with people on the other side of the camera, I am able to suppress the introverted part of me and do what I need to do to capture powerful images.

I can turn any location or space into a studio using available light, studio flash or a combination of both as I am very experienced both in-studio and on-location. I have been complimented on many occasions for my ability to make my photography sessions relaxed, fun and enjoyable. I have also been complimented on on my ability to work with talent/clients to create stunning, highly polished images that stand the test of time. I have worked with clients and models to produce a large portfolio of images in styles which I can repeat if/when asked.  If you see something that strikes you as something you would like, we would love to work with you to create something very similar!

Below is a limited selection of portrait photography images from my extensive portfolio. (Click on any photo to enter the full screen viewer/slideshow).


Below is a short list of recent portrait sessions we have posted on our blog.

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