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Welcome to my website. I will keep this simple. I am a multi-published lens-based artist / photographer located in Windsor, Ontario Canada with many disciplines who also loves to create high quality, magazine style images.

As you may surmise from the front page of this site, it is mostly centered around people photography. However, you will find portfolio/gallery sections for other genres such as wildlife, macro subjects, landscapes and some photoshop composite works. In fact, I often post my photoshoots on the blog section of this website. So check the blog out as well!

I specialize in commercial photography and portraiture and have been using cameras for most of my life. As a hobby first, since childhood. Later, in 2013, I became focused, beginning a serious journey of self-education in the photographic arts and lighting for photography.

My photography experience includes, but is not limited to:

I use Canon full-frame digital SLR cameras and Canon “L” and Sigma ART lenses exclusively.

Quality, Standard and High End Retouching, Compositing and Editing

I am a highly skilled editor and image retoucher, using Wacom tablets and Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop has been an element of my work even before I began doing commercial photography, and got much of my Photoshop experience in corporate America, compositing for print, website design, layout and implementation since Photoshop version 5 (not CS5) for computer OS and content developer Amiga, Inc. I have been using high end retouching techniques for 5+ years to provide the best and cleanest edits, retouching and image output quality.

I Want to be Your Photographer!

If you are looking for a photographer, I would love to work with you! I am proficient shooting indoors and on location both using available light and studio lighting on location. I have also received numerous compliments from clients that I am good at posing, helping people relax and make my photography sessions fun, as I love what I do.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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If you are here to see my work, I welcome you. Please grab a beverage, take off your shoes and browse through what I have to offer. If you like something, feel free to share it. Everything posted on this site is for sale as a photography product.

Check back often to see new images and blog topics!

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