Pinup Coke with Beckey

Pinup with Beckey

I have always loved shooting pinup photography. I collaborated with Leamington model Beckey Holmes on a Pinup themed photoshoot based on a Coke costume she had purchased online.

I had the Coke crates and bottles already in my prop collection so all I needed to do was plan some appropriate lighting.  After doing much research I decided on a 4 light setup (1 key, 2 rim and 1 fill) and after 45 minutes in studio and a number of hours in Photoshop, I had the perfect set.  Here, for the first time on my website, is the complete set.

Beckey’s boyfriend was so pleased with these he bought a set of 3 large rugged vinyl posters for his garage!  🙂

If you would like to collaborate with us on a pinup set of your own, contact me to begin planning your theme!

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