Penthouse Photoshoot with Sexy Brunette Model at Caesar’s Windsor

Penthouse Photoshoot with Ornella

Boudoir Photography is one of my favorite genres to photograph. I have a lot of exprience shooting boudoir images since I began learning lighting and really delved into this genre early on, with the help of my wife Sharon who was my model for the first 5-6 years of my journey in photography and lighting. I get a great sense of accomplishment and personal achievement in knowing that we deliver the best possible images we can to women who want images of themselves as gifts to themselves or their spouse, boyfriend or special someone.

I recently worked with a local model in a luxury penthouse suite. I wanted to create a set of images that were reminiscent of the past but only using one light to augment the available light coming through the large banks of windows that lined one side of the suite.

We started in the lounge area where the window light backlit beautiful Nelly. This beautiful lady made creating these images so relaxed and natural. We then moved to the boudoir/bedroom area for the final set of photographs.

Thank-you to Ornella for being such a beautiful woman!

If you would like boudoir images similar to this, contact me and we will consult with you to design your boudoir shoot.

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