Photographing Bodypaint Ascending Like Roots on a Nude Model

Photographing Bodypaint with Lizzy Grandmaison

This was a really cool shoot! Lizzy and I planned a shoot involving photographing bodypaint, where she would be painted white and then be splashed with paint from the feet up.

We met at my studio and Lizzy proceeded to paint herself white, aided by Sharon, my wife, and studio assistant. Sharon is also a media artist and loves painting acrylic creations. After Lizzy was painted white, it was decided that Sharon would add the color, beginning at the bottom and working her way up, with the artistic freedom to do whatever she liked.

This shoot was Published in 17:23 Magazine.

I have included 3 photo from the shoot for you to view. Enjoy!


  • Model – Lizzy Grandmaison – instagram: @its_queenlizz__
  • Photography / Light / Production – Ray Akey – instagram: @rayakey

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